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Moving Tips

Below are some basic things to consider when preparing to move. Additional moving resources are provided at the right.

One Month Before

  • Interview and choose a moving company. Reserve the date.
  • Gather and keep all-important papers in an accessible place (i.e. medical, bank, insurance and school records.)
  • Gather and keep all important phone numbers in an accessible place.
  • Send out change of address cards to important contacts (I.e. banks, credit cards, dentist, doctors, insurance.)
  • Beg, borrow or buy sturdy boxes, lots of boxes ----you'll need, more than you think.

Two Weeks Before

  • Fill out mail forwarding card at the Post Office or change your address online.
  • Start packing; label your boxes with contents, room destination and "Open First" for essentials
  • In the "Open First" box you will want to include toilet paper, medications, first aid kit and light bulbs.
  • Get rid of STUFF-decide what to move, donate or sell, remember STUFF requires stuff management.
  • Plan connect/disconnect dates with gas, electric, and cable TV companies.
  • Set up phone and water service at your new residence.
  • Evaluate your furniture for special needs. Pianos, large wall units and sofa beds, may need special equipment 
  • Notify moving company of any special needs.


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