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Sun City Roseville Utilities

Utility Provider (click name for Web site) Contact Information
Gas Pacific Gas And Electric Customer Service
Report an Outage
Roseville Utilities* All City of Roseville Utilities 916-774-5300
Electricity City of Roseville Electric Customer Service
79-POWER (916-797-6937)
24-Hour Outage Hotline
Water City of Roseville Water 916-774-5300
Sewer City of Roseville Wastewater 916-774-5750
Garbage City of Roseville Solid Waste
Trash Day - Green Waste Schedule By Street
2015 Green Waste Pickup Schedule

* - If you are starting or stopping all of your City of Roseville utilities you only need to contact the main Roseville Utilities number. The individual departments are listed for your convenience.